Building an 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' by ensuring safety for all Ecafez

Building an 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' by ensuring safety for all


Our ECA customer, a manufacturer of machining equipment, offers a wide range of 16 different product categories used in 1000+ applications that serve 27 industry segments nationwide. They are based out of Rajkot (Gujarat) and the company is ISO 9001 (Design) certified. Tata Steel has been a strategic sourcing partner for the customer since they have started in-house design of machining equipment, 3 years ago.

Customer Problem

The local medical fraternity approached the customer with the problem of PPE kits not being safe for use during the pandemic. The existing kits had gaps of 0.1 microns which could not provide protection from the Covid-19 virus in hospital environments. However, the manufacturing capability to make such PPE kits was not available in India and the kits had to be sourced from China. In addition, the kits were required in large volumes urgently due to the rising cases in the region.


To address these issues, the customer decided to develop India's first Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine to close the 0.1 micron gaps in the PPE kits-each unit required 50 kgs of steel. This provided a unique opportunity to Tata Steel to engage in making the health workers safer by supplying critical raw material to manufacture these machines.

Action Taken

The TOC system of Tata Steel enabled the channel partner to supply the required SKU (2 mm x 1500 mm) regularly inspiring confidence in the customer, which helped in maintaining 100% SOB.The team honoured the customer by presenting a Certificate of Appreciation in a virtual celebration on achieving sales of 500 units.


Tata Steel was able to supply —25T of RM which has been used in making 500 units of Hot Air Seam Sealing Machines. The new machine was appreciated by the Govt. of Gujarat and the Chief Minister of Gujarat unveiled the machine in an online session. The customer is highly delighted with the response of team Tata Steel and has helped to maintain 100% SOB since the last 3 years. Tata Steel has contributed in making the lives of health workers safer, furthering the cause of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Story Contributors: Sidharth Bains

Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2020