Tailor made solutions for a 'Super' outlook in retail Ecafez

Tailor made solutions for a 'Super' outlook in retail


Bunty Body Works is a truck body builder at Nagpur. They have been in business for over 15 years fabricating avg. 20 trucks/month. There is stiff competition in the segment but delivering quality is the USP of Bunty Body Works.

Customer Problem

Bunty Body Works faced several issues like timely availability of raw material, multiple dealer structure led to variation in prices, the aesthetic quality of the raw material was not uniform, product parameters such as thick width and hardness had high variability and therefore were inconsistent.


Here was an opportunity to introduce Tata astrum Super to the customer. The grade of truck body panels could be easily supplied and the value realized by the customer had the potential to offer financial benefits to both Bunty Body Works and Tata Steel.

Action Taken

The designing journey of a truck body was mapped. It was found that the end use of the truck, type of products to be handled, route of operations, capacity utilization desired, expected life of body and scope of overloading were the key parameters for deciding the input raw material. Based on the requirements of the above parameters, the TSL PAG team suggested trials for Tata astrum Super to Bunty Body Works. Success in the trials prompted the customer to adopt Tata astrum Super as its preferred input raw material input.


Usage of Tata astrum Super resulted in huge benefits over current products used:

  • Tata astrum Super is supplied through an authorized dealer & hence it simplified the buying process by eliminating the multiple seller touchpoints.
  • The aesthetic quality was consistent & superior as compared to the products currently available.
  • Tata astrum Super follows a pricing policy which eliminated the issue of price variability within a month as well as across dealer points.
  • Tata astrum Super delivered uniform product attributes with minimal deviations in thickness, width, hardness etc.

Story Contributors: Madhukar Thakur

Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2020