New age of value creation

Tata Steelium rolled out high performance CR Steel in its first ever brand extension, reloading the performance matrix through Tata Steelium Neo.

Neo was created to meet the demand for higher quality stringency in the auto, panel and furniture segments. Drawing on a rich heritage of integrated steelmaking experience, the brand now offers customers an enhanced basket of products for advanced applications. Tata Steelium Neo has brought never-before advantages to the table with a wide range of processing and end-product benefits that have translated into greater customer value.

Minimal wastage, through tighter tolerances, end-to-end uniformity for end-to-end excellence, greater impact resistance, enhanced flatness and 100% inspected coils for guaranteed quality are a few of the benefits that have brought a new age of value creation to ECAs that demand more.
  • Cost Saving: clean surface, reduced pre-treatment costs
  • Yield Maximisation and reduction in waste generation: through tighter tolerances and uniform mechanical properties
  • Consistent end-product quality: through consistent steel and uniform mechanical properties
  • Higher productivity: through better flatness and clean surface
  • Higher life after powder coating: through clean surfaces
  • Reduced steel consumption: by using high tensile material